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China - March 2018
Axi Minority Fire Worship Festival
in Hongwan, Yunnan Province China
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Mile and the Kaleidoscope Art Manor
Yunnan Province China
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Lijiang, Shuhe & Baisha Village
on the Tea Horse Trail, Yunnan Province China
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Weishan, Donglianhuan & Weibaoshan
Yunnan Province
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Dali to Shuanglang
Invitation to a Bai Wedding, Yunnan Province
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China - March 2016
Miao Minority Villages in Guizhou Province
in Chinas poorest Province
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Kunming in Yunnan Province
City of Ever Lasting Spring
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Chinas largest agglomeration of approx. 34 Mio people
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China, Guizhou Province - March 2016
Kunming to Kaili by Train Kaili Old Town
Datang Miao Village Chong'an Miao Village
Gulong Miao Village Xijiang Miao Village
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